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Open Source's Impact on Government

.GOV Websites Declare Independence from Proprietary CMS Solutions

Relying on proprietary CMS solutions in the government space would inevitably lead to disgruntled users who consistently remark on the clunky workflows, heavy reliance on technical staff to make changes and diminishing value as the platforms' age and require more and more maintenance.

Many federal agencies have been making great use of Drupal in that past decade, most notably, but the past several years have seen a number of state and local agencies adopt Drupal as a CMS as well. Lean and mean is the modus operandi for many state agencies as they've come to rely more on code and less on bureaucratic staff to do the heavy lifting of making government work.

Check out our infographic on some famous Drupal sites across the nation, and maybe you can enjoy the Independence Day holiday on a whole new level knowing that open source solutions are helping government better serve its citizens. Also, don't miss your chance to say hello to us when we join the Drupal4Gov community in Washington, DC this July!

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