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Website of Dreams: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Higher Ed Web Presentation - Website of Dreams: If You Build It, Will They Come?

This is the embedded presentation given by Promet in partnership with Rouge-Element about the strategy and process behind the Drupal implementation of the website. 

Grinnell College in Iowa had a website that wasn’t a strong representation of the school and an intranet system that had been hijacked by users to bypass the main site. When tasked with redesigning the site, Grinnell needed to differentiate itself and bring users back.
Grinnell boasts rigorous academics, an active campus, and state-of-the-art facilities, but many schools can claim the same. However, Grinnell proudly differentiates itself in its ability to foster the individual. Through its welcoming culture of self-governance and the ability to create your own curriculum, the college empowers students to carve their own way through the college experience. It is one of the few schools which allows its students to do so.
So, Promet asked, "How do we distinguish Grinnell's unique take on crafting an individual education from its peers?"   "How do we show the activities and news happening on campus?"  "How does Grinnell bring users back from the intranet?"   "How do we make as many departments as possible happy with a full redesign?"   And lastly, "How do we best use Drupal to make it all happen?"
We decided to represent Grinnell's brand with a website that allows users to customize their experience on the site. Learn how Grinnell College, Promet Source (the developers) and Rogue Element (the design firm) collaborated to create a customizable website: how Rogue designed it, how Promet built it and how Grinnell planned to use it.

Higher Ed Web 2013 presentation - Field of Dreams, build it and they will come from Promet Source

Here is the link to the presentation in case you have a flash blocked.