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I couldn’t be more excited about the fact that DrupalCon is in my town this year. I’ve lived in Seattle for more than 25 years and during that time, I’ve discovered some amazing places.  So if you are looking to avoid the typical, touristy hot spots that cater to conventioneers (and I know that… Read More
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Photo outside of Pike Place in Seattle, Washington
In preparation for DrupalCon 2019, Chris O’Donnell, Digital Strategist, for Promet Source shared his views on the vibe of this annual conference, as well as Drupal’s current standing within the ecosystem of enterprise-level CMS platforms.     What are you looking forward to at DrupalCon Seattle?… Read More
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Hundreds of DrupalCon attendees posing for a photo.
Being a globe-trotting Drupalist is easy when there's a thriving community ready to welcome you upon arrival. For the traveling multitudes, DrupalCon Asia is the ultimate destination. But getting there can also be challenging if you have to fly or ride great distances. Before you hit the road,… Read More
August 14, 2015
Here at Promet, we constantly strive for improvement. But what does it mean? It means keeping an eye on the road ahead while analyzing the past and present.  And so far this summer has been quite a journey. We've learned a lot, we've changed a bit and we're wiser for having done it all. No doubt… Read More
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DrupalCorn is the Midwest’s premier convention for all things Drupal. It serves as a center for networking and ongoing education/training for professionals & enthusiasts within web development, web design, IT, UI/UX and open source management. An all-inclusive Drupal camp, DrupalCorn welcomed… Read More
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DrupalCorn Camp 2014 logo
DrupalCon 2013 in Portland just concluded and Promet Source was there in force. Nearly everyone from our Chicago team went to Portland for the weeklong event—attending and presenting sessions, sharing Drupal best practices and generally partaking in the vibrant Drupal community. Promet also had a… Read More
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Drupalcon Portland 2014 logo
Below is my presentation from past Chicago Drupal Con 2010 about how to make Drupal run fast by increasing the page load speed.  In this presentation, I will discuss what is page load speed and what are the tools that you can use to measure the performance of your pages and site. Make Drupal Run… Read More