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A WordPress Plugin for the Widen Digital Asset Manager

Brought to you by Promet Source!

The Widen Collective allows for game-changing new efficiencies by serving as a central, cloud-based DAM from which all media assets – photos, graphics, logos, videos and even brochures – can be stored and accessed from multiple platforms.


Update an Image Once and It’s Updated Everywhere!


Widen for WordPress


How The Widen Collective helps

Often state or local governments, colleges and universities, professional associations, health care systems, franchise organizations to maintain multiple websites, with images stored in multiple locations.


Widen provides a single, easily accessible hub or DAM for all media types

This means – among other things – media items only need to be uploaded once. From within Promet’s Widen DAM WordPress Plugin, images can be resized, orientations can be changed, and formats can be switched to whatever is needed. 


Save time and work smart!        

The Widen DAM eliminates potential confusion concerning where particular images or media are stored. It can also be customized to meet specific requirements, such as:

  • Robust filtering,
  • Specific search criteria,
  • Custom pull-down menus, 
  • Rigorous permissioning procedures, and
  • A wide range of feature enhancements to meet specific needs!


“What’s most exciting about The Widen Collective is the inherent customization capabilities. Every organization has different requirements for image collection and retrieval. Widen can flex and bend to meet every need.” –Cassey Bowden, Marketing Director, Promet Source


Your Widen Experts and Enthusiasts

Widen Collective was created as a module for Drupal by a Promet systems architect, and Promet Source has adapted Widen for WordPress.

Looking for help integrating Widen into your WordPress site? Questions about Widen functionality or potential customization? Let us know how we can help. 

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