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Using LoadStorm to Run a Stress Test on Drupal

LoadStorm is a Drupal-based load testing tool. You can use it to purchase Amazon instances on some servers to perform your test cases. Traditionally, you should do some performance testing prior to launching a Drupal website. Recently, we have needed to push the testing a little bit further.

LoadStorm is a tool for load and performance testing that uses Amazon Web Services in order to achieve huge amounts of scalability. It is a web-based platform which allows either testers or developers to send huge volumes of virtual user HTTP traffic to a specific server app.

LoadStorm functions solely as a load testing application. It purposely does not include a lot of bells and whistles so that load testing can be as cost-effective as possible for those developers on a tight budget.

Most developers who focus on web applications do not need all the complex tools that are built into software suites. The licensing fees for these tools are sky high and aren’t worth the price if you are not using all of the tools to capacity.

On the other hand, there are open-source tools that are much less expensive but require a steep learning curve in order to get them to work the way that you want.

In the middle ground, there is LoadStorm. It requires no licensing fee and no installation or download of software. It functions by using the cloud to create massive amounts of virtual user volume. This lowers the cost significantly while still providing the tools you need from a load testing platform.

This load testing tool simulates what your users do when they visit your site or application. You will use LoadStorm to create many calls/request to your site or application in the same way that a human user would.

The benefit of this is that you can generate a ton of requests simultaneously in order to see how your application will react. This is the perfect way to test and fix bugs before you real users have a chance to run into them for themselves.

There are many reasons to use this tool. LoadStorm has a ton of repeat customers who are raving about the service.

  1. There is no licensing fee, hardware to purchase, software to download, or steep learning curve.
  2. The load tests that you can create are realistic and can give you an accurate picture of how your server will respond.
  3. The data you receive from the tool is in real time, so you don’t need to wait to start making the necessary edits to your work.

If you are looking for a functionally powerful load testing tool, then you should look into LoadStorm. It’s priced right and will get the job done the first time! If you need help implementing this tool—contact us and we will be happy to help.