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Drupal Business Summit: Drupal Goes Mobile

Themed Mobile and Social, the 2012 Drupal Business Summit hit Chicago in June with Promet Source participating as sponsor and speaker. At this year's Summit, business professionals and Drupal experts discovered how organizations are using Drupal to create highly engaging user experiences and to power social communities and mobile sites and apps.

Promet CEO Andy Kucharski delivered a presentation on how organizations can make their websites mobile accessible, including case studies of Responsive Design implemented on a Drupal platform for Promet clients.

Andy shared the four ways a business can get their message out right now:

  1. Use a third party tool
  2. Switch themes (device or screen detection)
  3. Responsive design
  4. Build an application and access your data

Learn more about Drupal going mobile and case studies of Responsive Design on a Drupal platform in this slideshow.


4 methods to making your sites mobile accessible.

For the full presentation, watch this 2-part video of Andy presenting at the 2012 Drupal Business Summit in Chicago.


Part 1


Part II

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