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Select the Drupal Class that's Right for You!

  • Looking to learn the basics of developing a Drupal site or to shore up your expertise for the Drupal Developer Certification exam? Register for the 5-day hands-on Drupal 9 Developer Immersion
  • Only need to focus on Drupal Site Building, Layout & Theming, or Module Development? Register for a 1- or 2-day component of the Drupal Immersion course that focuses on these topics. 
  • Just need a basic overview of Drupal core functionality and terminology? Sign up for the 1-day Introduction to Drupal 9.  
  • Interested in Private Group Training tailored to the specific needs of your team? We do that too! Contact us to coordinate private training! 

See our upcoming class lineup below for more information and check out our Drupal Training Courses FAQ Page

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Course Name Dates Location Register

Drupal 9 Front End Developing

November 29, 2021 - December 01, 2021

Drupal 9 Developer Immersion Online

November 29, 2021 - December 03, 2021

Drupal Site Building

November 29, 2021 - November 30, 2021

Drupal 9 Layout & Theming

December 01, 2021

Drupal Module Development

December 02, 2021 - December 03, 2021