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Public Training Schedule

Gain valuable learning experiences that can transform the way you work, thanks to engaging and inspiring instruction from renowned industry trainers from Promet Source.

Review our current training opportunities and select the class that fits your needs:

  • Intro to Drupal - An essential overview of Drupal core functionality and terminology.  
  • Drupal Developer Immersion - A 5-day, comprehensive dive into the basics of developing a Drupal site, including site building, layout, theming, and module development. 
  • Drupal Front End Developing - A 3-day, hands-on learning experience focused on the fundamentals of Drupal site building, layout, and theming.
  • Drupal Developer Trio - A 3-day, concentrated focus on Drupal development, including layout options and theming with Twig, plus basics for developing custom modules.
  • Drupal Content Editing/Site Building - Gain a solid foundation for the essential skills necessary for managing content and configuring Drupal websites in this 2-day class.
  • Drupal Layout & Theming - 2-day focus on the visual aspects of Drupal site-building, along with TWIG templating basics. 
  • Drupal Module Development - Essential concepts and practices for extending the functionality of Drupal core and contributed modules in a 2-day, hands-on class.
  • Essential SEO: Maximize Your Drupal Site's Potential - Overview of basic principles of SEO and a dive into how Drupal does SEO.


Questions about the class that's right for you?

Our Drupal Training page contains details and FAQs about our classes. Our Web Accessibility Training page also answers FAQs.

Interested in Custom Group Training tailored to the specific needs of your team? Please read the details on when you should book for private training and contact us to coordinate schedules.

Course Name Dates Location Register

Drupal Module Development

July 25, 2024 - July 26, 2024

Drupal Front End Developing

August 19, 2024 - August 21, 2024

Drupal Content Editing/Site Building

August 19, 2024 - August 20, 2024

Drupal Developer Immersion

August 19, 2024 - August 23, 2024

Drupal Developer Trio

August 21, 2024 - August 23, 2024