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Rachel Jaro
Solutions Architect

Rachel is a Solutions Architect at Promet Source. She brings over 17 years of web development experience to the table. With a wealth of technical knowledge, management skills, and business acumen, she approaches every project with enthusiasm and creativity. Throughout her career, Rachel has excelled in various roles, from software engineer and project manager to product manager, support personnel, and operations expert. Her expertise spans the full system development life cycle, encompassing design, analysis, development, deployment, launch, and support phases.

Rachel brings 12 years of entrepreneurial experience to the table, having founded and managed her own startups and a tech school. This wide-ranging background equips Rachel with unparalleled knowledge in business operations, marketing, sales and human resources.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Rachel embraces her love for travel, always seeking new adventures. When not jet-setting, she cherishes precious moments at home with her loving husband and three wonderful kids, creating unforgettable memories together.