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Body There’s no question that literacy in the 21st Century is a multi-faceted concept that extends far beyond books on the shelves. The American Library Association not only gets it, it’s embracing the evolving role of libraries, by driving a wide range of programs designed… Read More
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The ALA Ready to Code site on a computer screen with library books in the background
Body Promet Source is humbled to announce that this summer, two websites that we designed and developed for our clients have won three prestigious awards.  The Martin County Florida website received a 2019 Communicator Award of Distinction in the General Government category… Read More
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2 desktop screens with the websites of ALA Ready to Code and Martin County, Florida on the screens and Communicator Award trophies beside them
Body Promet's acquisition of a team focused on user experience and strategy, has sparked a new spectrum of conversations that we are now having with clients.  The former DAHU Agency’s Human-Centered Design expertise has given rise to many questions and within a relatively… Read More
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Mindy League leading a Human Centered Design Workshop