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We’re hearing it these days from many of our support clients: "Another upgrade?"  Drupal did not always move so fast. The two and a half years between the release of Drupal 10 in December of 2022, and the release of Drupal 9 in June of 2020 is in sharp contrast to the four and a half years… Read More
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Depiction of Drupal Upgrade Fatigue
From time to time, a web development agency – any agency for that matter – finds itself faced with a huge ask for which the resources, the tools, and the know-how appears to exceed the realm of what’s realistic.  It’s tempting to decline and return to the safe zone of the known, but stepping up to… Read More
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Web hosting migration process
This week, I attended Experience Acquia 2022 in Washington, D.C. The all-day event covered essential perspectives on the current digital experience landscape, along with various aspects of government website design and development.  Honored for the opportunity to serve as both a panelist and a… Read More
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