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Web Integration

Streamline your business process.


Organizations typically have multiple web-based systems that enable everyone: customers, employees, community and partners. Businesses succeed when these systems communicate with each other and have universal access. We make your web-based systems work for you.

Web Integration allows for fast integration of any web browsable content, data, and applications into portals, wireless devices, content management systems, applications, databases, RSS feeds, REST or Web services.  

Integrate your website and your business with your CRM, AMS, billing software, social media and more. 


CRM/AMS Integration


Member and customer retention starts with tracking their trends and activities. Your CRM/AMS is your "bible of constituents" used to store and monitor customers, members, sales and business data. An integrated network allows for automated marketing, personalized email campaigns, easy inventory management, analysis of campaigns and superior communication. Promet can enable automatic data transfer which ensures information accuracy and efficiency.

With Promet Source’s CRM and AMS integration, your Drupal website becomes a single point for business critical functions.