Provus®: Drupal, but Better

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Drupal is an amazing content management system—it's designed to be perfect for huge sites that processes plenty of data, it's built to ensure web accessibility compliance, and it's made to be highly customizable.

Drupal can be difficult to learn, however. And not everyone has the time nor capacity to get in and try to understand its workings.

For example, if you're a content editor, you would want to build and edit your website's content as quickly and smoothly as possible.

And you want to be able to do this without needing a developer assisting you.


Enter Provus®

Provus® is Promet's solution for a better content editor experience in Drupal.

It combines intuitive, no-code, drag-and-drop page building tools with a curated library of high-quality components—enabling marketers and content editors to easily layer designs, add functionality, and rearrange layouts.

Watch our introductory video to see how it works!



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