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Implementing LLM Search 4 Gov

Drupal4Gov Webinar on Conversational Search


Session summary

The presentation will kick off with an overview of the initial challenges faced by Martin County in catering to the diverse information needs of its constituents through its website. Then we will delve into the strategic decision to adopt LLM and AI technologies for a chatbot solution, outlining the project's phases and emphasizing the use of Drupal CMS as the foundation for this innovation.

Special attention will be given to integration with AI models and the process of prompt engineering.



What attendees can expect to learn

Following this session, attendees will have a greater understanding of how to:

  • Build an AI-powered chatbot that works via a demo of the tool.
  • Leverage Drupal CMS for advanced AI integrations in public sector websites.
  • Select and integrate LLM solutions.
  • Prompt-engineer a website-specific, LLM-powered chatbot.
  • Architect custom Drupal modules to support AI functionality, including website-specific data integration, and prompt engineering for chatbots.
  • Implement seamless integration of AI technologies within Drupal's architectural framework, maintaining performance, accessibility, and user experience.
  • Limit hallucinations of the system.


Full webinar description

Martin County, Florida and Promet Source have partnered to develop a Large Language Model (LLM) chatbot that stands to transform user experience by fast-tracking access to information and resources. 

The AI-powered chatbot experience differs from traditional search. Instead of entering a question or keywords into a search bar and sorting through a list of pages that may or may not align with the needed information, users can interact with the chatbot in the form of a conversational dialog including the ability to ask follow-up questions. 

We will explore Martin County's website enhancement through the integration of an advanced chatbot powered by LLM and AI technologies. Aimed at revolutionizing the way constituents interact with local government online resources, coupled with sophisticated prompt engineering, we will walk through efforts to improve the accuracy and user experience.

The benefit for citizens is quick access to the right information and answers. Web experiences will resemble interactions with a well-informed librarian vs. haphazardly browsing and searching a website.

The essential benefit for governments is greater administrative efficiencies due to fewer interruptions to answer citizens’ questions and help to direct them to the correct resource. A superior user experience also translates into greater trust in the public sector entity’s ability to solve problems and leverage leading-edge technologies to serve constituents.



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