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Training the World: Promet Sponsors International Drupal Training

Promet Promotes Drupal Globally with Premier Drupal Training

Promet is deeply committed to supporting open source software and related communities. We have sponsored dozens of Drupal events, presented at regional and national conferences, and contributed thousands of lines of code to the community. We understand the value and impact of Drupal globally and promote its use both in the US and internationally.

For several years, we have organized and sponsored a series of Drupal events in Manila, The Philippines. We have a branch in Cebu, The Philippines where our talented team augments the Chicago office for 24X7 Support. Promet Source decided to give back to the local community with a two-day Drupal training session aptly named “Cebu’s First Drupal Training Craze”. The Philippines is a hub for web development and support; securing event partners was easy because of the excitement (“craze”) surrounding Drupal and Promet. The University of Philippines - Cebu graciously provided space and volunteers; PowerStorm, a US-owned IT company based in Cebu co-sponsored the event. The University of the Philippines is a globally recognized university. They not only donated their space and volunteers, but the Dean spoke as well!

The Training Craze (held September 7-8) was targeted to both beginner and advanced Drupal users. It was attended by a diverse group that included web developers and IT professionals from several industries including the local media. Promet Source extended the invitation to computer science students and professors of the University of Philippines - Cebu who joined with wide-eyed anticipation. Even the Dean of Students attended the event, recognizing the importance of Drupal training.

Beginners were able to learn about the history of Drupal before they installed the latest Drupal software to build their first sites. They learned and experimented with the fundamentals of Drupal: nodes, themes, modules, content types, taxonomy, field displays...The works! Meanwhile, the advanced Drupal users received tutorials about and set up Drush, Git, and Vagrant. This group enjoyed courses on Devel, Entities, Views Bulk Operations, creating custom modules and creating custom themes.

The Training Craze was a success thanks to sessions presented by Drupal leaders. Special thanks to Luc Bézier, web developer at BBC & active Drupal advocate, and Ace Reston, Project Manager of PowerStorm & Drupal developer and advocate.  Of course, we extend thanks to our Prometsters who led training sessions: Gerold Mercadero, Senior Systems Admin and John Ross Castano, Senior Support Developer.

The event effectively raised Drupal awareness and supported continued Drupal education in Cebu.  The participants were hungry for more; they demanded further training to advance their knowledge and skills. To answer the call, Promet plans to sponsor a Cebu Drupal Boot Camp in November.