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Growth of Mobile Application Development

Growth of Mobile Application Development/ Mobile Applications cultivate a new Internet channel

Recently, there has been a substantial surge in the dependence and usage of the mobile Internet, specifically mobile applications. Mobile Application Development is the method by which application software is produced for low power handling devices, mobile devices, and other small digital equipment.  As this technological development continues to gain momentum, it's quickly turning into one of the most powerful industries in the world. The significant increase of Smartphone’s, which are essentially capable of displaying the same information that a traditional computer can display, has made way for the growth of mobile application development, including the expansion of devices such as the iPhone and Android

Each week, new insights and advancements surface in the mobile application industry, and the progress is anything but slowing. Developers have made social networking sites, email and search engines available for handheld devices, making it easy and necessary to stay connected on the go. Essentially, an entirely new industry focused on the swift deployment of mobile applications has been created. Developers are in a race as the growth of mobile application development increases exponentially in popularity and use.

/ Impacts on mobile application development:


•Mobile Internet usage makes cell phones much like computers, radios, and television, which results in the growth of mobile application development as companies race to create platforms for their websites that will integrate onto mobile phones. This ultimately causes an increase in mobile advertising, as companies need to address their new audience: users.

•Demand for the development of location-based mobile Internet advertising will grow. The key to its success will be to incorporate a multimedia and multi-platform approach to ensure that it becomes a natural and valuable extension of the consumer needs.
•It will become necessary to analyze the size and characteristics of your mobile audience compared to that of your competitors.
•Increased mobile web security and development of mobile security applications become necessary as consumers begin using the mobile Internet for online transactions.
•Focus will be placed on improving the user experience of the web when accessed from mobile devices, and the best practices of mobile web development will gain importance.

/ Why is Promet in the race?

Promet's impressive knowledge of custom mobile technology development allows them to build real business solutions and complex integration, always with a quick delivery.  With a history of creating successful mobile apps, Promet has implemented and embraced both native iPhone and Android development, in addition to web application development, including cross-platform applications.  Whether your business desires a website that is compatible on a mobile device or a custom business app, Promet has the complex technology to make it happen.

Proven successful, creative mobile application development:

 A Promet Source client, Green Cab is a full service, shared-ride taxi service that provides alternative public passenger transportation to all of Madison, Dane County and beyond.  With a new fleet of hybrid cars, Green Cab's goals were simple and clear: to offer their customers the very best benefits for transportation, including being affordable, green, efficient, convenient and professional.

The Challenge

  1. develop a cutting-edge solution for Green Cab's dispatch center

  2. implement an integrated ride request solution for the website and 

  3. create an easy ride delivery and acceptance system for their drivers

The Solution

Promet created a highly-intensive data processing application that uses Drupal as a development framework and integrates with iPads using the services module.  The custom application provides taxi location and direction information back to the dispatch center, using a real-time fleet tracking and mapping system to assist in efficient and immediate ride services.  The drivers then use the iPad app to receive rides, calculate fares, communicate back to the dispatch center, check flight arrival information and route their rides.  Sticking to their goals and initiatives, Green Cab wanted their customers to always know what their fare will be prior to the arrival of the vehicle; because of this, the iPads installed in each 'iCab' automatically gives the price of their ride, informing both the passenger and the driver.

Added Bonus:  Promet was able to save Green Cab thousands of dollars by using the commodity hardware of the iPad and writing custom software 

/ iPhone vs. Android Mobile Applications

As it stands, the number of applications available for iPhone exceed those on the Android market. However, with the growth of mobile application development, both platforms are spitting out hundreds of apps each month. While the iPhone is number one for most developers, Android is without a doubt the second most used platform. The trend is as follows: An application is created for iPhone, soon thereafter an Android version is released, followed by the production and deployment of an iPad application.
Researchers have notice current, shorter delays between the release of iPhone applications to the release of applications for Android. Updates are also created at unbelievably fast rates, encouraging the continued growth of mobile application development.
Regardless of which platform is used, the growth of mobile application development is without a doubt increasing significantly in both use and importance. With new updates, advancements, and developments being made nearly every month, the mobile application industry will continue to become the fastest growing industry in today’s market.


Promet Source is a Chicago based full-service Drupal Web Development Company focusing on open source technologies to build complex websites and web applications. Promet uses Drupal to build a broad variety of websites, web applications and mobile application development.  Along with their Drupal expertise, Promet Source differentiates themselves by providing a superior customer experience throughout all facets of the development process, including design, software engineering, project management, quality assurance as well as hosting & online marketing services.