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DrupalCorn 2012 Presentation: Options for Mobilizing Your Site with Drupal

Options for Mobilizing Your Site with Drupal

Numerous people today already access the Internet exclusively on their smartphones and do not own a desktop or laptop computer. As Drupal developers, designers, and themers, it's foolish for us to continue to assume that our work will only be viewed on a desktop or laptop screen. Today's website must deliver a tailored experience to the mobile web user that utilizes unique capabilities only available on such a device -- geolocation, screen rotation, etc. This experience must be just as flawless as it is on their full-size device. The mobile user expects personalization, interactivity, and adjustments to his or her context. We will go over business and architectural options with Drupal for providing your content or moving your app to mobile users. - Andy Kucharski, Options for Mobilizing Your Site with Drupal

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