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Drupal OM Maximenu

maxi menuThe OM Maximenu for Drupal allows users to significantly upgrade their navigation appearance with the addition of images, text, video, tabs, menu blocks, slideshows, user information, and more. This helpful tool will help you save tons of time during design and development so that you can complete your project on time. Here are some of the key features that the Drupal OM Maximenu offers

Menu Effects:

Good effects on your website equate to a positive user experience. The OM Maximenu has awesome menu effects including Fade In/Out, Animated Menu Backgrounds, Jiggling Links, Turntable Effects, Horizontal Accordion Slidedeck, Tabs with fade transition, Auto Scrolling, Vertical Sliding Menu Links, Icon hover replace, an icon animation. Just by reading these effects, you can see how the OM Maximenu can give your site the aesthetic edge that it needs.


Popular Features:


There were a ton of requested features for this version of OM Maximenu, and the requests were not ignored. Some of the most wanted features include the ability to rotate text or icons 90-270 degrees for a left or right side navigation. Link visibility is available depending on User Role. A No Link or Empty Path will remain valid by the ‘a’ tag changing to a ‘span’ tag. Standard menu attributes such as ‘id’, ‘class’, ‘title’, ‘rel’, and ‘target’ are all configurable within Maximenu. Developers are able to use full HTML tags within the title input. Anchors are available in order to scroll to certain sections of the website. There is even an “about#section-history” if you have decided to include the <div id=”section-history”> within your code. There is a menu path autocomplete (MPC) module integrated into the tool as well.


Menu Content and Attachments:


The flexibility of menu options is where the OM Maximenu really shines. As stated above, users have the ability to add video, flash, text, links, images and more within menus. They can display information as a slideshow, list, and tables. Different menu categories include the main menu, secondary menu, custom menus, and a nice menu. Common and Quicktab blocks include ‘who’s online’, ‘login’, ‘poll’, ‘shoutbox’, and more.


Advanced Features:


Power designers and developers need not worry; there are plenty of advanced options within OM Maximenu that will allow just about anything to be fine-tuned. You can import existing Drupal menus or your own custom menus. You are able to import vocabularies and categories as menus. Direct PHP is allowed on the link title. Social button scripts will function directly on the link title. And, finally, you can expect superior performance. Processing of settings will never repeat, no matter how many menus are created within OM Maximenus.
As you can see, the OM Maximenu for Drupal is an extremely powerful menu editing and creating a module for the Drupal platform. Both beginner and advanced designers will be able to take this tool and use it to their advantage in just about any Drupal project. Plenty of documentation is available to answer any questions that you may have.

Download the OM Maximenu now by heading over to the following link:

See it in action here: