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Improving Employee Morale During 2020

In a year that was difficult for everyone, we are really thankful and humbled to announce that Promet has won the 2020 TINYaward for Raising the Bar Award, ranking #1 out of 150 companies in our group.

2020 was a challenging year, for many reasons. We all suffered in one way or another, from the daily struggle of being trapped in our houses with our entire family at all times, to the very serious concern for COVID-19. 


This means that during the year of crisis we were able to help pull our employees up, and because of this, they reported happiness actually improving during what will surely be infamously remembered as a terrible year,  2020. 


We kept Prometheans’ spirits up with the following simple steps, that one might compare to improving in any relationship: 


1. Listening

We kept up with feedback from employees and took action (and communicated) on improvements for the group. We took the voices of our employees seriously when they spoke up and we closely monitored what they said (but not in a creepy way like Facebook) , and not only took action to fix issues, but after we made it a point to share what we changed with the group in our all-hands meetings. 


2. Working to Improve Ourselves

We implemented a new way to be at Promet using Traction. We made our meetings more efficient and overhauled our values to make an impact for our team. We also started a wellness initiative where we had experts like Sheena Lawrick come talk to the team about living to their full potential. 


3. The Right Team

Speaking of values, we not only talked about them, but we walked the walk and hired for them. We made sure that the people who were coming in the door were people who were going to be happy here. We acknowledge that not every workplace is the right one for each person, and we made the time to look for those who will thrive and laugh with us, even through dark times.

We did this, and then we held Promethean Awards at the end of 2020 -- picture The Office Dundees but not embarrassing or insulting. In fact, forget I mentioned the Dundees, and remember that we did put effort into making sure we engaged the team, even while remote.

In 2020, we worked hard to help our employees be as happy as they could be at work. We couldn't be happier to accept this award. Thank you, TINYpulse!