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Client Information

The Council on Foundations is a nonprofit membership association that serves as a guide for philanthropies as they advance their distinct missions for addressing society’s most pressing challenges. Building on a history that dates back nearly 75 years, the Council supports more than 800 member organizations in the United States and around the world. The Council’s objectives include building trust in philanthropy, expanding pathways to giving, engaging broader perspectives, and co-creating solutions that will lead to a better future. 

Project overview

The Council engaged with Promet Source on a website redesign and a migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. Having recently completed a rebranding initiative, the previous website was in need of updating on a few fronts. 

As the website serves as the primary channel by which members interact with the Council, stakes were high for ensuring that the redesign furthered strategic objectives and reflected the value and benefits of membership. 

Bringing New Branding to Life

The new Drupal 9 website has been extremely well-received for reasons that include greater visual engagement, brand alignment, and a flexible design system with components to accommodate for current and future needs. 

Following a Discovery Workshop, key objectives for the new site were identified as: 

  • Align with the Council’s new branding;
  • Support the 10-year strategic plan and vision;
  • Provide streamlined navigation in alignment with the identified user journeys of key persona groups; 
  • Ensure quick answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Make it easy for new members to join; and
  • Ensure ADA accessibility.

Promet’s open source Provus 2.0 distribution for Drupal served as an overarching success factor in the efficient design and development of the new site.

Provus in Action

Provus enhanced UX design efficiencies, as well as both back-end and front-end implementation processes.

Here are some of the ways that Provus factored into the new site build:

  • As the initial design was very well received by Council stakeholders, Promet developers were able to continue leveraging Provus layouts — a structure that, following the launch of the site, provided marketers and content editors with the tools to easily make updates, switch up layouts, and add pages as needed.
  • Provus pre-configured Drupal blocks or components, integrated with Layout Builder, to enable the creation of rich, full-featured landing pages for content editors who did not have any coding expertise
  • Provus’ built-in modules – Layout Builder, Bootstrap Layout Builder, Views Bootstrap, Fullcalendar Views and Responsive Images – were leveraged to extend the site’s functionality. 
  • Provus’s simplified and streamlined content types and fields laid the groundwork for creation of migration scripts that ensured a seamless migration from Drupal 7 content to the Provus content types for the Drupal 9 site. 
  • To accommodate the migration of subsites from the Drupal 7 site, for which there is not a compatible Drupal 9 contributed module, Promet developers worked with existing Provus blocks, along with other contributed modules, to achieve the requested menu structure and styling for the subsites.  
  • Bootstrap and Responsive Images (both modules that are built into Provus) were leveraged to complement Drupal 9’s responsive design features, helping to wrap up theming for images quickly and effectively.
  • Provus’s Advanced Fullcalendar View custom module helped developers to easily configure calendar functionality, such as creating multiple dates or recurring dates for events.


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