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Established in 1974, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust organization has evolved over five decades, growing its historic sites, expanding its communications through technology, and serving wider audiences. Frank Lloyd Wright’s design philosophy, based on individualism, democratic social principles, and respect for the natural environment, remains relevant in the world today.

The Trust draws its national and international visitor audience through cultural travel and tourism channels. Trust education and enrichment programs for all ages offer an opportunity to diversify participation in classes and programs both virtually and at historic sites.

Project overview

With a mission to engage, educate, and inspire the public through interpretation and appreciation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design legacy and preservation of his original sites for future generations, the Trust reached out to Promet Source for a redesign and migration of its Drupal 7 site. 

Essential objectives included simplifying the process of booking a tour, plus a significant refresh to a modern, dynamic site that reflected how the organization has evolved. At the same time, stakeholders sought greater mobile centricity, stronger engagement with visitors and the community, clear delineation from other Frank Lloyd Wright organizations, along with an engaging and educational web experience that sparked an increase in memberships and donations.

Key to the success of the new site was a reframed sitemap that organized content around user engagement and effectively conveyed the full spectrum of the Trust’s mission and vision.

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