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5 Things to Check Before Going to DrupalCon Asia 2016

Being a globe-trotting Drupalist is easy when there's a thriving community ready to welcome you upon arrival.

For the traveling multitudes, DrupalCon Asia is the ultimate destination. But getting there can also be challenging if you have to fly or ride great distances. Before you hit the road, follow these steps to make your trip safe and smooth.


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All set? Good!

Don't forget to build your schedule ahead of DrupalCon Asia so that you can take in all the sessions, BOFs and keynotes that you want to see.

As a reminder, Promet Source's founder Andy Kucharski will be presenting his session on Friday, February 19, 2016. It's in the business track and will help project managers, sales engineers and Drupal shop runners get a handle on the scientific thinking behind reliable project estimation.

Looking for more travel tips before DrupalCon? 

Here's some further reading to help you pack and prepare for Mumbai and just about any conference that you go to in 2016:

 Bon Voyage!

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