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Adaptable, Aligned, Extendable

Non-profit organizations have distinct needs for an online presence that is capable of considerable heavy lifting. 
More so than ever before, non-profits are counting on websites that can serve as a value-added platforms that connect, inspire, and inform a wide range of persona groups that include donors, advocates, employees, board members, the media, and the community at large.  
At Promet Source, we believe that Drupal is distinctly suited to stand up to the multiple purposes of non-profits’ websites. 


Able to Adapt as Needed

More than a functional powerhouse, websites for non-profits are expected to operate within tight cost constraints and stand up to close scrutiny. As visions expand and priorities shift, non-profits count on websites that can pivot to new priorities. This is an essential strength of Drupal.


Cultural Alignment

As an open source content management system (CMS), Drupal is closely aligned with the values of non-profit organizations. The software is freely available and Drupal community members volunteer their time to build modules that extend the functionality of the CMS. 
The global Drupal community’s commitment to the collective good of the platform directly benefits every site owner with an ongoing focus on integrity and innovation that is shared.


Extendable to More Services and Solutions

Flexibility is an essential factor for a web presence that needs to accommodate multiple persona groups and changes in direction that accompany frequent transitions to new leadership.

At Promet, we’re adept at leveraging the power of Drupal to meet the distinct expectations of non-profits' websites.


Here's a short list of advantages that our non-profit clients enjoy:

  • Promet’s Provus platform for Drupal enables non-technical content editors to easily spin up new pages and make revisions to the site without needing to touch the underlying code or contact IT.
  • Drupal meets ADA Web Accessibility guidelines across multiple devices.
  • Security that is both transparent and robust, ensuring the integrity of the site content as well as of all sensitive data
  • Unsurpassed expertise and a commitment to innovative solutions that enhance efficiencies, drive engagement, and ensure optimal user experiences.


Let's Talk! Now is the time to start a conversation about what you are looking to achieve! 


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