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The IF/THEN® Collection is a digital asset library filled with thousands of images and videos of women STEM innovators designed to help educators, museums, and non profits incorporate more accurate portrayals of women in STEM into their curriculum, exhibits and media. The overarching goal is to empower STEM innovators and help inspire the next generation of leaders by showing middle school girls that, “This is What a Scientist Looks Like™.” 

An essential component of Lyda Hill Philanthropies’ IF/THEN® Initiative, the IF/THEN® Collection features 125 women across a wide variety of fields, selected as Ambassadors to serve as high-profile role models for middle school girls.  Using a talent agency approach, IF/THEN® supports the Ambassadors and their inspiring work by showcasing them on a national platform.

Project overview

With an ambitious goal of getting the IF/THEN® images of women in STEM careers in front of adolescents wherever there is an opportunity to have an impact on cultural norms -- schools, libraries, museums, community centers and more -- the IF/THEN® team is passionate about its mission and had a distinct vision for a Drupal website that would have functionality that was similar to that of a major stock photo site. 

Promet proved to be distinctly well positioned to drive the success of the IF/THEN® Collection website for reasons that included: 

  • Close alignment with the IF/THEN® values of sparking a culture shift toward women in STEM careers, along with a female-led project team of a design lead, developer, and project managers.  
  • The Widen Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, which provides a system for organizing and easily locating photos, videos, and creative files among multiple platforms, is an essential component of the success of the project. A Promet solutions architect had developed the Widen Collective module for integration with Drupal, and continues to maintain it. Promet collectively took this knowledge from the development of the tool, and applied it to the project, creating a shell and a framework to integrate Widen within the Drupal site.

Promet designed the entire site, with a home page that serves as a portal to a large asset management library. Additionally, Promet customized separate URLs for every Ambassador’s profile page and other assets, which is an essential aspect of the dual mission of helping Ambassadors to achieve greater professional visibility, as keynote speakers, media sources, and leaders within their fields. To ensure a cohesive visual experience throughout, Promet built upon the IF/THEN® brand guidelines in the design of headers, footers, and visual elements for all of the items within the collection. 

Technical Specifications

The Widen Drupal Module provided integration with the Widen Digital Asset Management solution for connecting and seamlessly searching a wide range of assets within the IF/THEN® Collection. 

The Drupal Masonry Grid Layout Module was deployed on the site’s home page to display all of the featured categories according to the IF/THEN® team’s specifications. These categories then served as entry points to the site's assets.  

Taxonomy was applied through every custom URL, and brought in through the Widen integration with the home page for the assurance of robust search and filtering capabilities. 

The Drupal Core Contact Form Module was added to the site to make it easy for educators and nonprofits to reach out to IF/THEN® and gain access to the collection’s assets. 

Drupal Paragraphs provided content editors with the required level of flexibility, customization, and control.


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