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Taking Aim at the STEM Gender Gap

It's widely reported that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math professions are in slated for the highest growth potential in the coming years. To varying degrees, women are under represented in these fields. Latest statistics indicate that women account for 27 percent of all STEM workers in the United States, and a much lower 15 percent of engineers.

While these figures do represent progress -- only 8 percent of all STEM workers were women in 1970 -- many find the needle to be moving forward at a disappointingly slow pace. Far fewer women than men are entering STEM careers, and they exit at a far greater rate. 

There's, of course, a complex set of factors at work here, but the long-term advancement of women in STEM calls for early intervention that helps young girls to get excited about the possibility of a career in STEM, and to believe that the field is wide open and welcoming for them.

At the same time, helping women who are currently in STEM roles to amplify their visibility and their voice, can serve to strengthen both their professional stature and potential to serve as role models. 

Promet Source had the honor of partnering with Lyda Hill Philanthropies on a site that's laser focused on these two related objectives.  The IF/THEN® Collection features 125 women across a wide variety of fields, selected as Ambassadors to serve as high-profile role models for middle school girls.  Using a talent agency approach, IF/THEN® supports the Ambassadors and their inspiring work by showcasing them on a national platform.


Read how the IF/THEN® Collection website is advancing its mission and vision


With an ambitious goal of getting these stories and images of women in STEM careers in front of adolescents wherever there is an opportunity to have an impact on cultural norms -- schools, libraries, museums, community centers and more -- the IF/THEN® team had a distinct vision for their Drupal website. 

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