Drupal Developer Trio

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3 Days
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Already have a good working knowledge of Drupal site building but need to take the next step into layouts, theming, and module development? Preparing for or considering a migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 and need to understand Drupal 9 development?

Drupal Developer Trio covers layout options and theming with Twig on Day 1, as well as basics for developing custom modules on Day 2 for anyone who already has a good grasp on Drupal site building.

Each segment of the course is also offered as a separate unit for developers who may not need both frontend and backend instructions:

If you need to brush up on site building, Promet also offers a 2-day Site Building course or a 5-day bundle that includes all three segments:

Should I Take this Course?

The knowledge and know-how gained in this course is particularly helpful for:

  • Internal development teams who are preparing to migrate to a Drupal 8/9 website
  • Developers who are planning to build a new Drupal 9 website
  • Developers who are newly responsible for supporting a Drupal 9 website
  • Current Drupal Developers who are looking to firm up Acquia best practice knowledge for Drupal 9 Developer Certification

Layout & Theming (Day 1)

  • Drupal Theming Fundamentals
    • How does Drupal theming work?
    • What are themes?
    • Making a simple theme
    • Working with regions
    • Adding libraries and dependencies
    • Advanced .info.yml options
    • Adding breakpoints
  • Customizing your theme
    • Anatomy of a theme
    • Coding standards in Drupal
    • Introduction to Twig template files
    • Overrides, available variables, and hooks
    • Adding custom regions
    • Breadcrumbs
  • Base themes and subtheming
    • Base themes, subthemes, and core themes
    • Using subthemes
    • File inheritance

Module Development (Day 2)

  • Drupal module development fundamentals
    • About the Drupal framework
    • The page call process
    • Object oriented programming (OOP)
    • MVC, controllers, and routing
    • Services and the services container
    • Hooks and plugins in Drupal
    • Drupal formatting & coding standards
  • Creating your first module
    • Module naming, location & basic requirements
    • Create mymodule
    • Implementing a hook in MyModule
    • Add pages and menu items
  • Building a Fully Functional RSVP List Module
    • RSVP list: module requirements
    • RSVP List: create a form
    • RSVP List: the install file

Module Development  (Day 3)

  • Building a Fully Functional RSVP List Module (continued)
    • RSVP List: Database integration I
    • RSVP List: Permissions
    • RSVP List: Creating the Block
    • RSVP List: Build administrative settings page
    • RSVP List: Reporting results
    • RSVP List: Altering the node form
    • RSVP List: Database integration II
  • Automated Testing
    • About the Simpletest module
    • Writing functional tests with Simpletest
    • About PHPUnit
    • Writing unit tests for classes with PHPUnit
  • Drush and Drupal Console
    • Different tools for differing needs
    • Downloading and installing Drush
    • Using Drush
    • Downloading and Installing Drupal Console
    • Using Drupal Console