Drupal Layout & Theming

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Looking to sharpen the visual aspects of your site-building skills, learn TWIG templating basics, and understand how Drupal layout and theming differs from previous versions? Developers who do not need the full, 5-day Drupal Developer Immersion class, now have the option of signing up for this one-day segment. This course provides a comprehensive overview of Drupal layout and theming, including best practices for controlling the look and feel of a website, plus hands-on training for developing a custom theme. Prior knowledge of Drupal site building or completion of the Drupal Site Building course is required.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe and work with Drupal's theme layer
  • Declare, style, and use custom regions in a theme and theme settings
  • Apply and utilize Stylesheets and Java script in a theme
  • Build a sub-theme from a base theme


Layout & Theming 

  • Drupal Theming Fundamentals
    • How does Drupal theming work?
    • What are themes?
    • Making a simple theme
    • Working with regions
    • Adding libraries and dependencies
    • Advanced .info.yml options
    • Adding breakpoints
  • Customizing your theme
    • Anatomy of a theme
    • Coding standards in Drupal
    • Introduction to Twig template files
    • Overrides, available variables, and hooks
    • Adding custom regions
    • Breadcrumbs
  • Base themes and subtheming
    • Base themes, subthemes, and core themes
    • Using subthemes
    • File inheritance