Drupal Content Editing/Site Building

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2 days
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Those who do not need the full, 5-day Drupal Developer Immersion experience, now have the opportunity to sign up for this 2-day segment, which provides an introduction to the essential skills necessary for managing and editing content and configuring a Drupal website. Hands-on labs will include work with Content Types, Taxonomy, Views, Menus and many useful modules.

Should I Take this Course?

This course is perfect for those who are:

  • Newly responsible for a Drupal website,
  • Planning to build a new site in Drupal,
  • Preparing for delivery of a new Drupal development, or
  • Looking to firm up Acquia best practice knowledge for Drupal Certification.


Site Building Day 1

  • Under the Hood of a Simple Website
    • Setting up a local environment
  • Getting Started: Drupal Overview
    • What is Drupal?
    • What Features Does Drupal 9 Offer?
    • Important Drupal Terminology
    • Drupal 9 Administration Toolbar
  • Content Types and Content Modeling
    • Structured Content Types
    • Custom Content Types and Fields
    • Categorize Content with Taxonomy 
    • Understanding Content Workflows
  • User Roles and Permissions
    • Creating Roles and Assigning Permissions
    • Account Registration Settings
    • The Authenticated User Registration Form
    • Creating a Content Editor Account via Administrator

Site Building Day 2

  • Building What Appears on the Page
    • Page Layouts with Blocks
    • Custom Blocks
    • Building Dynamic Lists of Content with Views
    • Views Displays
    • Custom URL Aliases
    • Configuration Synchronization
  • Building Complex Views
    • Contextual Filters
    • Relationships
    • Exposing Filter Options to Visitors
    • Creating a View that Returns a List of Content in JSON
  • Fielding Entities and Managing Displays
    • Review Adding Fields to a Content Type
    • Adding Fields to a Content Type
    • Adding Fields to a Taxonomy Term
    • Adding Fields to Block Types
    • Review Display Modes
    • Images and Display
  • drupal.org and Extending Drupal
    • drupal.org Community Resources
    • Extending Drupal with Modules
    • Using Themes