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LiteracyPro builds powerful web applications to help students and job seekers access all of the appropriate resources and classes in their communities. As a company, their mission is to enable these individuals to achieve sustainable economic self-sufficiency. LiteracyPro's products serve agencies who want to increase efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing the best client-centric design, intra- and inter-agency tracking resources, and reporting functions. LiteracyPro strives to give organizations the best possible chance for future government funding and program success. 

Project overview

After struggling to find a company that could provide automated and manual testing at a reasonable cost, LiteracyPro came to Promet Source with web accessibility challenges that were holding up their business development efforts. Due to the nature of LiteracyPro's web applications and products, they needed a highly technical team that could understand the complexities of both their accessibility compliance and overall site usability issues. With Promet's combined development and ADA accessibility expertise, we were able to quickly find common ground with the LiteracyPro team in understanding their product development work flow, while identifying where accessibility best practices would need to become part of their process.

LiteracyPro was in the process of responding to an RFI that would require that their products were not only ADA WCAG 2.0 compliant, but that they would pass a VPAT within 3-4 weeks. 


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