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Client Information

Binford Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of a full range of fencing and outdoor access control products with annual revenues in excess of $100 million. Operating from 11 branch locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, the company serves both commercial and residential clients. Binford Supply was founded in 1950, and throughout much of the company’s history, it has been family-run, cultivating a solid track record of loyalty, integrity, and quality.  

Project overview

The new site needed to tell the story of Binford’s history, emphasize its values, attractively showcase products, and build the business by cultivating relationships among customers, suppliers, and job seekers. The main goal of the site was identified as driving revenue by encouraging visitors work closer with Binford Supply or to request a quote, and many paths were offered for conversion. 

We used an eCommerce model for the site’s organization and categorization of products and services -- offering clear opportunities for visitors to get in touch or apply for work, but actual eCommerce was not an objective. 

Working in close partnership, we designed a new theme that aligned with Binford design and brand guidelines. 

Discovery conversations revealed that customers shopping for fencing tend to search the web for ideas and inspiration -- sometimes posting images to their social media channels -- prior to making a purchase. To optimize this activity we created several areas of the site for photos to take the main stage including a hero banner, product pages, and an image gallery. The site presents high-quality images captured by a professional photographer hired by Binford to showcase product types in their installation environments. The site also incorporates high-quality manufacturing images and photos of Binford employees. To further leverage the value of the photo gallery and all of the images, considerable attention was paid to the alt text for all of the images, which served to enhance SEO, as well as accessibility. We also created a tag and filter system for the image gallery to dynamically present images within the selected product categories.

Following the launch of the new site, requests for new quotes and overall site traffic have increased significantly. There has also been a sharp rise in the number of visitors to the site overall, as well as new suppliers and job inquiries. 

Easy navigation of the new site, a more robust user experience with a greater depth and breadth of information has contributed to great feedback and business-building results.  

Beyond the Build

Binford’s engagement with Promet continues with SEO consultation and ongoing initiatives to increase leads and visitors by achieving high rankings on Search Engine Results pages. SEO initiatives include fine-tuning the content for priority keywords on the product pages, a Google AdWords strategy, and set up a customized analytics dashboard for continuous refinement of results while gathering competitive data. 

Technical Specifications

Custom WordPress Post Types to create a new content type for each of the Binford Products

The WordPress Modula Pro Plugin for a grid gallery view that contains a robust library of product images that can be sorted and filtered based on product category image tags.

The WordPress Duplicate Page Plugin enables the duplication of a page with one click so content editors can quickly clone and modify a new page without duplication of content entry

The WordPress Formidable Forms Pro Plugin for the easy creation and collection of data from targeted forms with drag-and-drop forms. Form submissions were given a unique tracking ID and routed to the appropriate sales location based on the user’s entries.

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