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Denise smiling
Accessibility Specialist

Denise Erazmus is joining us as a Web Accessibility Development Associate. She has been working in the web development field since 2017 after graduating from the full stack coding bootcamp at Northwestern University. In addition to Northwestern, she also attended Roosevelt University where she received her BA in Political Science and DeVry University where she received her BS in Technical Management.

She has worked at The Difference Engine building web sites for not-for-profit organizations and recently at Joliet Junior College as a web accessibility associate. Prior to working in technology, she had a long career in insurance working as both a paralegal and life insurance underwriter. She currently lives in Lombard, IL and grew up about two towns over, so she hasn't really strayed far from her roots. When she is not working, she can be found hanging out with her family, reading or attempting to recreate some cake she saw on Pinterest hoping it will not result in a Pinterest fail.