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How to Become a Technical Project Manager

What kind of project manager do you want to be, and how do you get there?

With everything going on in life: kids, doctor appointments, car repairs, reality show auditions, aren’t we ALL really project managers? No, we are not. "Doing several related things" isn’t a project and being in their general vicinity isn’t project management.

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Successful project managers in the Drupal world require both soft skills and technical skills. Lacking either, we become panicked appointment setters who scurry from stakeholder to developer like bewildered apes.

To know what kind of project managers we have, here's a review we got from one of our long-standing projects:

“Promet Source offers world-class project management. They’re the best organization I’ve ever worked with.” - Ravi Singh, Director of Streaming Platforms, Knowledge Network

Promet's project manager, Johnnie Fox joined a project manager from Get Pantheon to cover what skills are needed, how to really figure out what you are good at, and what to add to your toolbelt.

  • Project lifecycle management
  • Agile, Waterfall, and Phased Polaron Methodologies
  • Why Projects Fail or Succeed
  • Estimation & Resourcing
  • What a Technical Project Manager should know
  • Metrics, Reporting, and Documentation

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If you are a beginner, this recorded session will give you an expert’s perspective on project management. You will garner the respect of all around you.

You will gain authority where once there was only derision. Your words will command a respect usually entrusted only to revolutionaries, iconoclasts, and bartenders.

Your projects will be overflowing with laughter, back-slaps, moments majestic and intervals sublime.



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