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Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Website

New Possibilities for a High-Stakes Purpose

This week, September 5-11, 2021, has been set aside as National Suicide Prevention Week. 

Suicide has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with each year adding another dark chapter to the to rising trajectory. 

Stemming the tide and saving lives calls for a complex mix of solutions. Key among is bringing the topic out of the shadows and onto the table, with a greater awareness of helpful and easily accessible resources and support.

That’s why we at Promet Source were so honored this year for the opportunity to partner with Marin County, California, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, in the design and development of a new Drupal site for Prevention and Outreach.


Encouraging, Engaging, Easy

The objectives for the new site centered on the creation of a comforting community hub, that fueled awareness of and interaction with the full scope of available services, including vetted and recommended community resources, events, and community connections. 

Many of these resources had previously been buried within the main Behavioral Health website.

Recognizing that reaching community members who are in critical need of support means that resources need to be not just easy to find, but comforting and encouraging, the site’s UX allows for access to all resources directly from the home page. Resources are presented in meaningful categories that include Suicide Prevention, Parenting & Families, Schools & Educators, and Mindfulness & Self Care.

All critical hotline phone numbers are displayed prominently on the home page and repeated again on the footer of every page. Within every section, opportunities to get help are highlighted.

A handwritten script-like font on the home page, along with rounded corners on the photos and a contemporary UX, contributes to a comforting, human touch.


Content Editor Empowerment

Also essential was a flexible CMS that could be easily updated with a drag-and-drop design functionality, enabling stakeholders and content editors to make revisions, as needed, without ever needing to touch the site’s underlying code. 

The CMS platform needed to be one that could be richly and easily expanded upon by members of the Prevention and Outreach Team, without needing to reach out to the IT department or ever touch the underlying code.

Promet’s Provus solution enables content editors to easily work with established design components to update content, add functionality and switch up layouts as needed.
Our recent engagement with Marin County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Prevention and Outreach Team has inspired us to package a web solution that can be easily deployed by other local governments. 
Contact us to learn about a ready-to-deploy site with UX that is inherently comforting and encouraging and provides easy access to a wide range of resources, while allowing for easy updates and revisions. 

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