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PrometSource + Drupal + Continuous Integration

DIY Continuous Integration Presentation at Higher Ed Conference 2013

You can't escape Continuous Integration.  You have heard it mentioned at every conference and at every meetup. It’s part automated testing, part automated deployment, part test-driven development, part every-other-DevOps-catch-phrase. But have you implemented CI? Prepare thyself to start!
Michelle Krejci's presentation at the Higher Ed Web Conference (2013) ignited the CI spark for CTOs, IT professionals, developers, and even CEOs!
Watch and learn from her presentation.  Share it with your development team or your project managers.  Whatever you do, just follow CI best practices; you'll thank us later.
What will this presentation do for you?  It's easy!
  1. Explains Continuous Integration relative to web development, using Drupal as a test case.
  2. Introduces the tools available to implement CI...You can do it immediately!
  3. Demonstrates what a CI implementation looks like in practice.
This presentation explores what Continuous Integration is (and is not) with step-by-step examples and a DIY kit to help you explore more. Continuous Integration touches all parties: clients, project managers, system admins, and developers, front and back end. If that’s you, you need to know what CI is.