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A Digital Age Drupal Refresh for Ancient Truths

For St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in Yonkers, N.Y., the migration of a Drupal 6 website built in 2010, to a redesigned Drupal 8.9 site that's positioned to seamlessly migrate to Drupal 9, stands to drive the next phase of the institution's growth and global impact. 

Keys goals for the new site:

  • Intuitive, streamlined navigation,
  • A cleaner, simpler design and UX, 
  • Greater engagement among students, prospective students, alumni, and Orthodox communities, to drive both recruitment and fundraising, and 
  • Simplified content editing capabilities that provided content editors with greater flexibility for changing layouts and creating new pages. 

The redesign and Drupal migration achieved that and a lot more. A critical success factor proved to be the deployment of Provus, which combined layout builder and flexible design component features, provided content editors with the ability to easily rearrange layouts, create new sections, and make updates -- all with the assurance that high quality designs and branding consistency would not be broken with the mixing up and switching out of page components.

Provus has also allowed for drag-and-drop, no-code content editing, enabling flexibility in building and revising sections, along with functionality such as accordion components that allowed for the presentation of great lengths of content in a compact, approachable format.

Read the full case study.

The new site is powerfully aligned with St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary's goals for fundraising, recruitment, connecting, and community building and that's a function of many factors that include navigation that’s closely aligned with the needs of specific persona groups, prominent calls to action to apply, donate, or subscribe, as well as an inviting design refresh.

Commenting on the potential of the new site and the institution's experience in working with Promet, Sarah Werner, Chief Marketing Officer, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, noted: 

The discovery and design phases were fantastic. The Promet team did an amazing job of bringing our new brand to life.

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