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Lenovo is innovating to lead in the PC+ Era. Already the world's leading PC company, Lenovo is also a leader in smartphones and tablets, as it works to become one of the most respected technology companies in the world.

A US$46 billion multinational company with 52,000 employees serving customers in over 160 countries, Lenovo is ranked #226 on the Fortune 500 list, and is proud to be the world’s largest PC vendor. Their portfolio now includes workstations, servers, storage solutions, IT management software, smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and even apps.

Project overview

Seeking to ultimately create a globally centralized, online presence for all of its commercial customers, Lenovo reached out to Promet in 2017 for a performance audit on its previous Drupal 7 website. Promet provided the requested a list of recommendations for improving the existing site’s performance, and then was brought on board to complete the fixes.

The next step was a migration to Drupal 8 and integration with the Lenovo Martech stack. Following the migration, Lenovo contracted with Promet for a support agreement focused on consolidating 15 separate websites from 60 markets, and 87 different languages into its Lenovo Tech Today site.

The objective has been a cohesive brand and online presence that provides Lenovo’s commercial customers worldwide with an easy way to explore all of Lenovo’s commercial technology solutions.

To help drive this vision, Promet developed a component-based, drag-and-drop page-building capability for the website that leverages Drupal Paragraphs. Promet then established clear processes for enabling content editors and site managers within multiple markets worldwide to log in and easily update content or add pages.

Site updates and revisions that would have otherwise taken a week’s time and required the help of an in-house IT support team or a local agency, can now be completed by non-technical site managers within a few hours. 

For Lenovo’s global commercial customer base, the consolidated Lenovo Tech Today site has provided the advantage of a consistent brand presence and user experience. 

The new site has proven to be scalable and able to meet the demands that followed the extensive consolidation journey, as site visits increased to many millions. The resulting operational and financial efficiencies have been significant.

Technical Specifications

  • The Drupal Paragraphs module was leveraged to develop component-based, drag-and-drop site building capabilities to streamline the process of local and regional site customization. 
  • The Drupal Field Translation Synchronize module supports local and regional language requirements among different markets ensuring that when any node in the translation set is edited, all other nodes in the translation set will be updated as multilingual support, with translation, is enabled. Synchronization is particularly useful for cases when a field will be identical across translations, such as price, author, taxonomy terms, and images.


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