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The American Library Association (ALA) is the oldest and largest association of professional librarians in the world. With a history of more than 100 years and a robust nationwide membership base, the website that drives ALA’s fundraising and research missions demands a level of complexity that only expert Drupal solutions providers could implement.

Project overview

Promet Source worked with the key decision-makers at ALA to come up with a powerful website that integrates with iMIS, the system of record for all membership activities such as recruiting new members, renewing memberships and managing donations from all sources.

ALA needed a new workflow for various types of members who arrive at the site and want to purchase products. A recommendation engine was needed to put relevant products in front of the various audiences. The website’s available products, pricing for those products, and the accepted payment methods would all have to be synced with ALA’s association management software as well. Crafting such a complex system into a user-friendly website built on Drupal was a challenge that Promet Source enthusiastically accepted.

The redesigned ALA website caters to multiple audiences, including regional and local divisions of the ALA. Divisional members with the correct permissions are able to create customized content for donation and fundraising initiatives. Site admins at the division units can create customized text, imagery and other components. These custom initiatives will allow ALA members and non-members to make donations on the site, turning the site admins for each division into marketing chiefs for their own fundraising efforts. Promet Source built a Drupal site that empowers these divisional leaders as well as the national leadership with the tools they need to customize their fundraising campaigns.

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