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General Manager

Grace Beray is the General Manager of the Promet Source office in the Philippines, and previously served as Promet's HR consultant. 

Prior to joining Promet, Grace spent 18 years of her career in the academe -- both as a teacher and as a school leader -- from being an Academic Director in an ESL School to a School Director in an International Film School. She took the skills she had learned and experiences she had gained, along with her inner grit, from the classroom to the boardroom. 

She has spent four years as a Country Manager & HR Consultant for a UK outsourcing company, supplying international Startups, SME’s, Blue Chip companies with dedicated mobile, web, and software developers.

Grace has also been an HR Practitioner with in-depth experience in developing and executing human resource strategies in support of the overall business plan and strategic goals of the organization. She has a track record of maintaining an open-door policy allowing staff to feel comfortable and valued, thus improving performance at work.

On a personal note, Grace is happily married with three adorable kids and an ever-supportive husband. When she is not working, this she enjoys spending time with family, lying on a couch watching a good movie or series, and taking nature trips.