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Drupal Performance

As experts in Drupal 7 performance, we can ensure that your website will run and perform optimally. Promet’s Drupal development revolves around overall website speed optimization and performance including page load speed, user experience testing and code review. Optimized Drupal performance is one of the the keys to improving your SEO as well as  the user experience on your site.

By utilizing these key improvements, Promet Source ensures the performance of your Drupal site:

  • Monitoring best practices
  • Website Performance Test
  • Performance Module Settings
  • Caching
  • Off Loading Search
  • Tweaking Settings and Running Crons
  • Proper set up of APC
  • Changes to the Database

In addition to Promet's core Drupal development services, we aim to improve front-end performance of your site because 80% of a search engines time focuses on what is in the HTML document. If your page is readily available on the web, it increases your ranking on search engines. Promet will help you with your websites' Drupal performance and site speed optimization as well as ensure high availability of your web pages.

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