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Webinar: Myth Busting Website Performance Truisms

Webinar: Myth Busting Website Performance Truisms


Jul 22 2014 - 15:30 to 16:30


Miss the standing-room-only DrupalCon session in which Andy Kucharski explored performance testing on eCommerce sites?

Fear not! Promet is broadcasting a live webinar featuring LoadStorm's Scott Price! It's not just an encore, it's a remix with more info!
If you think that you know how to make your site perform optimally, think again!
When it comes to eCommerce site performance, we all know the simple truths:
Slower Page Load=Less Money
In this webinar, Promet Source’s Andy Kucharski (CEO/Drupal Junkie) and LoadStorm's Scott Price (VP/Testing Guru) show the audience how to properly & accurately load test, the impact of performance, the best improvements that positively affect performance, and the fundamentals of capacity planning & performance tuning. All while assessing the efficacy of common fixes.
Watch live load testing! Test speed beyond content loading! Understand how to read/analyze test results!
Plus, see the results from Promet Source (a top-notch Drupal development firm) and leading Load Testing Software provider, LoadStorm who collaborated to test out-of-the-box Drupal sites on standard servers. Understand common mistakes and how to prevent them so your sites can perform optimally!
We will also look at past load tests done on several different hosting platforms and compare results.
Finally, we'll look at results of implementing commonly used performance improvements such as varnish, memcache, APC, and others. We will also examine some common contributed modules and their impact on performance.
For extra-special bonus points, read a recent blog: Don't Get Run Over By Traffic, Perform Tests!