Web Accessibility Tools and Techniques

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This one-day course presents tools and techniques for assessing accessibility issues of existing websites, utilizing both automated evaluation resources and manual analyses. Application of accessibility principles and coding compliant theme layouts will also be covered.

Learning Objectives

  • Application of basic principles of accessibility during development and testing
  • An understanding of tool and techniques for evaluating websites, applications, and digital media for accessibility

Prerequisite: Completion of Web Accessibility Policies and Perspectives course or demonstrated knowledge of basic web accessibility. Combined registration for this course and the Web Accessibility Policies and Perspectives course is also available.

  • Review of web accessibility guidelines and consequences of non-compliance
  • Site Plan Review - Hands-on analysis of non-compliant sites
  • Site Review Outcomes - Applying POUR principles to assess analysis
  • Testing the Site - Utilizing accessibility evaluation tools
  • Testing What you Know - More examples of possible pitfalls
  • Structuring Your Page with Accessibility in Mind - Understanding ARIA and other tools to create compliant layouts
  • Non-Web Content - Ensuring document accessibility