Tina Espiritu-Velez

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General Manager

Tina has been an HR-Admin practitioner for nine years and a trainer for various HR and management skills since 1991. She also conducts lectures and trainings for mental health issues. Most of her HR-Admin experiences have been in Manila. For 18 years, Tina has been a professor of Psychology for both undergraduate and graduate levels of the University of San Carlos. She also had two years of teaching experience for General Social Sciences at the University of Cebu-LM branch assigned at the Maritime College.


On a more personal note, Tina enjoys reading novels and text books that help in her field of interest. She prefers to stay home on weekends to either read books, watch her favorite series, or sleep. Walking is another favorite past time and is often a stress buster! Tina’s other interest is travel. She prefers to check out nature by going to beaches or exploring forests and scenic spots. Last but definitely not least is the importance of time spent with family!