Johnnie Fox

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Johnnie Fox
Chief Technology Officer

Johnnie Fox was given a name that ensured success.  Just say "Johnnie Fox" aloud; you'll feel like you're saying the name of someone famous...And you are!  Johnnie is famous for Agile Development, Sprint 0 Planning, Software Development, Web Development, Drupal Dominance and smiling!  Just ask the Drupal community who lines up to hear him lecture on his development and management expertise.   Our Project Manager brings a wealth of experience managing custom development software projects (in numerous languages and platforms).  Further, he has "superhero" skills in identifying and solving client needs.  He is so commited to his clients, that he has been known to address client issues from a hospital bed.*

If you ever want to join him on a motorcycle ride, give him a call.  Promet Source is not liable for any injuries resulting from this venture.

*Promet did not ask, demand or suggest that Johnnie work from the hospital; he couldn't help but deliver excellent customer service.