Jenna Reardon

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Account Manager/Accessibility Practice Director
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jenna thrives on illuminating the path to online ADA accessibility by engaging, educating, and inviting people into the world of digital compliance. As Promet’s Accessibility Practice Director & Account Manager, her role is to match each client with the right solution that will ensure best practices for equal accommodation are most effectively implemented - and more importantly maintained - within their organization. Jenna’s entrepreneurial endeavors and project management experience with clients in both government and business sectors afford her a breadth of insight from internal policy development, to leveraging accessibility advancements for increasing digital outreach, to how to “make it happen”: all critical for successfully achieving one’s long-term web accessibility goals.

With a unique background and professional experience in MechE/ BioMed, specifically in human-factors ergonomics, the concepts of Inclusive/ Universal Design and Proactive Risk Management come deeply ingrained. Recognized designer of a cost-effective therapeutic device for autism, Jenna’s passion now lies in applying these same  "open-source equal-access" concepts to helping individuals enjoy equitable experiences on the web. So whether designing the criteria for a calming device or a website product gallery, Jenna’s problem-solving curiosity will transform your ADA compliance goals into a tangible roadmap.