Elena Girina

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Elena Girina
Finance and Administration Manager
Chicago, IL

Born and raised  in St. Petersburg, Russia Elena attended the University of Aerospace and Instrumentation where she studied Business Administration and Management.  After school, she began her career working in the health, cosmetics, automobile and real estate industries.  In 2008, Elena packed her bags and left Mother Russia for Chicago.  Before she joined Promet, she worked in the non-profit sector including an adult literacy center.  In her tenure at Promet, she has loved watching the company grow and welcoming new employees.   While Elena rules finance, accounting and HR with a Russian hand, her presence at Promet is that of kindness and joy.   She loves how international the company is - welcoming of internationally diverse talent and clientele.

Elena loves the USA, and particularly enjoys the sound of the English words "umbrella" and "established".  But, she misses the Russian sound of her nickname, "Lenochka".  If you master that pronunciation, you will automatically be her best friend.