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Dana Immertreu
Front End Developer

Dana Immertreu fell into the world of graphic design and front end development by way of Russian History. Really. A longstanding crush on Brezhnev led her to pursue a Master's degree in Russian History at the prestigious University of Chicago. There, she had her fill of czars, communism and cold wars; so she dabbled in graphic design.  After she aced some graphic design courses at Loyola University she applied those skills to web development.  Soon she was designing and theming websites for various departments at University of Chicago.  Front end development suits Dana quite well; she loves the satisfaction of knowing that at the end of the day she built something.  Dana strives to ensure that every website that she designs is "pleasant" and intuitive to use.

When asked what she does outside of Promet, Dana stated "Designing and implementing my own pyramid schemes, reenacting the first Thanksgiving all year round, and carbon dating objects that I find in my backyard."  We think she lied to cover up the fact that when she is away from Promet she is typically writhing on the ground and crying because she is not with us.  It's okay, Dana.  We miss you when you're away too.

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