Casey Stark

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An image of a young woman with glasses against a white backdrop. Her skin is caucasian, she is wearing a grey striped shirt, and her hair is long, straight, and has bangs in a gradient of bright cyan on top to purple at the ends, the rest of her hair being a dark brown.
QA Analyst and Marketing Associate
Chicago, IL

As a QA Analyst and Marketing Associate, Casey works closely with Promet’s global team, contributing to marketing and social media initiatives, while helping to ensure the quality of projects prior to client review. 

Casey studied at Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., and earned a bachelor's degree is in Interactive Media. As a member of the Chicago headquarters team, her experience with and interest in internet-focused projects, media law, programming, and graphic design are all put to good use.

Casey has a wide range of passions — particularly pertaining to media. She creates and plays video games, creates both digital and traditional artwork, publishes fiction online, and manages online communities. Outside of the media realm, she’s passionate about dogs — anything to do with canine creatures, really.

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