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Load Testing is an important part of quality assurance that takes place prior to launching a site.


When load testing, we simulate user interaction with a website, increase the frequency or the number of interactions and collect the results of system usage, then analyze them to aid system improvement towards desired results. The data will prove useful for creating benchmarks of site performance, which can be compared with earlier site's performance if a site is undergoing a migration. 


DrupalCon Chicago was the birthplace of Drupal 8 in 2011. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert created the Drupal 8 development branch in front of a crowd during his State of Drupal address at the Chicago conference. 


Chicago is Drupal 8's home sweet home

That's right, Drupal 8 was born in the City of the Big Shoulders, that Midwestern metropolis where monsters roam the midway, hot dogs never come with ketchup and office towers scrape the sky. Back in 2011, Chicago was host to DrupalCon and Dries was giving his State of Drupal address to a crowd of more than 2,000 attendees. It was during this address that Dries created the development branch for Drupal 8 and the future of the Drupal project started to take shape.


With Drupal 8 being released November 19, 2015, Drupal site owners are facing the question of when to migrate to the newer version. This post explains new features of Drupal 8 and how they will change the life of a Drupal site owner for the better.


A Powerful CMS for Powerful Sites

A content management system for the masses. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The issue with a mass-marketed CMS is that content needs and workflows will vary greatly from one organization to the next. So the "one size fits all” motto starts to wither in light of this fact. That’s why businesses with serious content needs ought to strive for flexibility in their CMS solution. That’s where Drupal 8 comes in.


Government websites are built to be fast, secure and scalable. The flexibility and power of Drupal has neatly satisfied these requirements, but what about new features in Drupal 8? Here's why Drupal remains the best CMS to build powerful websites for government.




Working with Promet Source's Drupal Support team can deliver fast results. Make sure you're on the same page as the Support team with the tips outlined in this guide.


There’s a familiar refrain to many group discussions. The speaker will encourage participation from all peers, but gets no response, then reminds everyone that “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.” All questions are good. They bring us knowledge, and knowledge is power.


The White House released its third action plan for the Open Government Partnership with details on open source projects that will connect citizens with government.


White House Reveals Action Plan for Open Source Projects     

Can the government be as open and accessible as a git repository? That’s the aim of an ongoing program that’s being touted by the Obama administration as they released the third action plan for the Open Government Partnership on October 27, 2015.  


DrupalCamp Ohio offered open source software developers and users of the Drupal CMS a chance to share ideas around development projects and best practices.


Drupal Talks, Training & Code Sprint in Columbus


The community gathered on The Ohio State University campus in Columbus to share ideas about a wide range of topics, including:

- Tips on building sites with Drupal 8

- How to promote the Drupal project

- Business best practices for Drupal shops

The Columbus Drupal community also hosted their first core code sprint.


Promet Source is fixing issues in Drupal core's filter.module component and Drupal Commerce as well, displaying commitment to Drupal and contributing back to the Drupal community.


A Commitment to Drupal

Promet Source is proud to have a longstanding commitment to Drupal that dates back to 2009. The release of Drupal 8 was greeted with a sense of relief and hard-earned satisfaction by everyone at Promet. But it was especially rewarding for a group of Promet team members since they’re core contributors to Drupal 8. 

Promet believes staunchly in contributing to the Drupal community as often as possible, and this attitude is exemplified by the efforts to get Drupal 8’s first release candidate ready to go earlier this month.


Key takeaways for Drupal shops that use HubSpot marketing automation software from INBOUND 2015 conference and new product announcements.


The INBOUND 2015 conference rocked downtown Boston last week with a lineup of insightful speakers, hilarious headliners like Amy Schumer and an overall electric atmosphere that was further amped up by exciting product announcements for the HubSpot marketing automation platform.

We use HubSpot to fuel our inbound marketing efforts, and many of the upcoming products and add-ons to the platform will have great import to our team. But for the wider world of Drupal, here are a few key takeaways from this year's gathering of HubSpot customers and partners:


The White House released an open source map that harnesses data from community initiatives around the United States.



Obama's presidency has been marked by a number of technological firsts: Obama's been unofficially dubbed the "social media President" as he was the first sitting US president to have a twitter account, his campaigns embraced methods such as email marketing and by all accounts he's the first president to use a selfie stick. Yup.