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Promet Source Support Developer Kabenla Armah shares his gameplan for DrupalCon LA in 2015. He came, he saw, he deftly avoided dairy products.


Normally I’m sitting at home in Iowa, rocking the boxer shorts on the couch. The Xbox controller is in arm’s reach. Or maybe I’m tearing up a single track course on my mountain bike. But this week, none of that. This week is different.

It’s DrupalCon, so you know I have to put away the games and pack up the power brick so I can join in the fun. I ran through this quick Q&A about my plan for DrupalCon with Promet's marketing team to help understand my goals for this year's big show.


This year's North American DrupalCon brought the community together in Los Angeles and brought everyone closer to the release of Drupal 8!


The Drupal community gathered in Tinseltown for the 2015 DrupalCon, and Promet Source was there to partake in the all the lights, camera and action.

Check out some of our photos from the event below!


Want to know more about what we were up to at this year's DrupalCon? Are you going to DrupalCon Barcelona later this year? Share your info with us below so you can hear about Promet's plan for the next spotlight event of the Drupal-verse.


So after posting my first attempt at melding AngularJS and Drupal, I decided to do a retrospective on some of the Angular aspects of my code, since my first post focused mainly on the refactoring aspects, most of which happened on the Drupal side. Let's start with the template file.


Let's start with the template file.


An example of a proof-of-concept module that melds AngularJS with Drupal.


After spending the weekend going through a rather excellent (I thought) video overview course on AngularJS, my head was spinning with the possibilities when it came to building Drupal sites that were much more responsive in terms of loading and displaying content. So, I decided to start working on some proof of concept modules that would help me better understand how to effectively meld these two tools together.


If you are wondering which Acquia Certification is best for you, ask this handy flowchart to find your answer!


Should I take an Acquia Drupal Certification Exam- 2.0.png


Still Not Sure?



It’s national library week and we could all probably learn good habits from those fastidious and oh-so-organized people in our lives: librarians.


Ahh, libraries. The smell of books, the sounds of pages turning, the incessant Karaoke singalongs of the library workers. OK, maybe the last one is a bit far-fetched, but we all know it’s founded in some truth. The fact remains that libraries are a hallowed ground of information consumption and organization.

That organization doesn’t happen by dint of chance. No, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into maintaining a collection, and these steps taken by your local library workers might inspire us to approach our websites with the same set of diligent hands. Get sorting, people!


Watch this recorded session by Promet Source and learn how to use Composer on Drupal 7 projects.


With Drupal 8 on it's way in, PHP's standard practice of using Composer is working its way into a Drupal developer's normal life. Jump ahead of the curve with Promet Source and start using this tool for your Drupal 7 projects with this complete demonstration of a composer workflow using the following packages:


A Promet Source developer shares his thoughts and advice on the Acquia Certification Exam.


My Advice


Preparing for the exam:

- Review this great guide: Five Steps to Get Ready for the Acquia Certified Developer Exam (pdf)

- As the guide says, review topics (in the pdf appendix) and identify your weaknesses, read up on your weaknesses.


This post covers php-fpm and how to make the most out of your server configuration.  Promet Source uses nginx and php-fpm and we explain the benefits of using this worklfow.


Ever wondered how you can tweak your server's configuration to get the most out of what you’re paying? Here are some good techniques that we like to use at Promet.

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect server setup, but it’s a good start.  Every requirement is unique and understanding how it works is always the first step.  Having good documentation in the form of a blog post saves us a lot of time and effort so we would like to share our experience as well.


Drupal has become the leading CMS for government web properties and cities use it to connect with their citizens in new, innovative ways. 


Why Drupal is the perfect solution for civic website projects