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The Panama Papers leak has proven to be record-setting in size and far-reaching in global impact but there's also a cautionary tale in how all the data leaked. 


The amount of data leaked in the Panama Papers hack has proven monumental but what's alarming for all businesses is how the information was extracted from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca: the data was most likely taken by exploiting a security flaw from one of the firm’s outdated systems. Open source systems can be exploited if known security flaws aren't patched within a reasonably quick turnaround time, and in the case of the Panama Papers there were almost too many holes in the security dam. 


Promet's Module Spotlight Series Covers AMP Module Download & Installation Guide for Drupal 7 Sites


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Drupal


Google’s search ranking algorithm was updated in 2015 to reflect a critical factor in user experience: mobile accessibility. More than half of all searches in major markets such as the U.S. and Japan happen on mobile devices, so Google began ranking webpage results with mobile layout and design higher than non-mobile pages to give their users the best possible experience. 

Now there’s a way to enhance the user experience for mobile devices without having to completely redesign a site. This method is convenient for publishers and it’s built on existing HTML standards. Site owners who want to provide users a good experience on mobile devices can now serve pages in the accelerated mobile page, or AMP, standard. Google designed the AMP standard and open-sourced the project in 2015. Drupal siteowners can download and install the AMP module for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.  

This post covers the process of downloading, installing and configuring the AMP module for a Drupal 7 site. 



Promet Source's list of hot UI/UX testing tools for 2016.


When creating or redesigning any digital assets, your decisions should revolve around the users. Ask questions like:

► What are the end user's needs?

► How will this design serve those users?

► What are the business goals for your brand and how will they impact the end user?

► How will users interact with this new design or feature of your website?


Promet Source will join the Midwest's Drupal community at MidCamp 2016, March 17-20 on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Contribute your favorite tidbits and Drupal facts to play Drupal trivia with us during the event. Prizes? You bet!


Time to break out your best Drupal knowledge, Chicago!

Demonstrate your Drupal genius at #MidCamp this year.


Do you have what it takes to be quizmaster at Promet Source's booth during MidCamp? Promet is inviting the community to participate in a friendly round of Drupal trivia during MidCamp activities Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19, 2016.


Robot Framework is a generic OS testing framework and this post explains how to get set up and run tests with the data editor (IDE).


Robot Framework uses a keyword-driven testing approach. This makes it simple and straightforward to create test data that will lead to predictable test results. Part of a QA team's mission is to provide accurate, predictable testing processes to ensure smooth delivery of projects. At Promet Source, our QA team has used a number of testing frameworks and systems to enhance the predictability and execution of automated tests. This post covers Robot Framework in detail, from installation to test completion.



Step 1: Install Python Some Packages


Promet Source's fearless leader Andy Kucharski is in the middle of a 2-week journey to the Philippines and India. Read about his odyssey below.


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The February 2016 entry in Promet Source's Module Spotlight series examines useful tools for Drupal site admins and content editors.


Our in-house marketer Rory took a closer look at nifty modules specifically geared towards the unsung heroes of content management: Content Editors.

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Automated testing is a great method for delivering complex software development projects. Promet Source's new guide to automated testing is a Drupal developer's favorite resource to structure testing that is effective and time-saving.


Read our Automated Testing eBook


Our Drupal development experts compiled their best advice for running effective automated tests that will save time and money. Complex development projects are likely to have many releases and have much to gain from implementing an automated test framework. Read this guide for advice on how your team should approach writing test cases, choosing the right tools to execute tests, and how to emphasize visibility in sharing the test results.


Associations require complex digital systems to handle their various workflows and connect member databases with public-facing websites.


Association websites should be built to handle everything from membership drives to billing activities. Having a website by itself isn't enough; associations also need robust member management databases running behind their websites. There are many vendors who specialize in products that meet this need. These products are commonly referred to as an Association Management System (AMS) and it's rare to find a large organization that doesn't use one.


Does your Drupal site have premium content or files behind a paywall? Looking for a reliable, easy way to license that content to authenticated users? Commerce License simplifies the process.


Intro to Commerce License

Commerce License is a module that grants users access to premium digital resources by either a remote or local license.

This module is good for granting users a license to resources that live behind a paywall, such as training materials or videos.