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Key takeaways for Drupal shops that use HubSpot marketing automation software from INBOUND 2015 conference and new product announcements.


The INBOUND 2015 conference rocked downtown Boston last week with a lineup of insightful speakers, hilarious headliners like Amy Schumer and an overall electric atmosphere that was further amped up by exciting product announcements for the HubSpot marketing automation platform.

We use HubSpot to fuel our inbound marketing efforts, and many of the upcoming products and add-ons to the platform will have great import to our team. But for the wider world of Drupal, here are a few key takeaways from this year's gathering of HubSpot customers and partners:


The White House released an open source map that harnesses data from community initiatives around the United States.



Obama's presidency has been marked by a number of technological firsts: Obama's been unofficially dubbed the "social media President" as he was the first sitting US president to have a twitter account, his campaigns embraced methods such as email marketing and by all accounts he's the first president to use a selfie stick. Yup.


Every developer and end user knows the value of responsive design. Now learn how to test it accurately.


Responsive design is a watchword for many web design gurus, and it has become a kind of unspoken rule for online experiences: If your website can’t respond to users on every device, then it is an affront to those users. This rule, which maybe doesn’t have to include such unforgiving terms as “affront,” has to be acknowledged well before a user even has a chance to set their eyes and cursor on a website.

Responsiveness is arguably the first barrier to creating good user experiences. So if it’s such common knowledge, then why are we all still talking about it?


Naming feature branches with consistency is key to organizational success.


When you’re wrangling a slightly larger team of devs as we do here at Promet, the importance of strict naming conventions becomes apparent pretty quickly. Take the commonly referenced Git workflow from Victor Driessen, for example.



Making a plan before debugging is essential, and vetting the plan with an audience is a helpful way to eliminate roadblocks.


Learning to Strategize & Plan with Help from an Inanimate Friend

Ever wondered what the best sounding board for a debugging plan might be? If you could describe the ideal listener, which qualities come to mind?

A wish list might include: patient, calm, totally uncritical and not rushing off to the next fire that needs putting out. Hard to find someone who fits the bill, am I right? Well, terrible puns aside, our team has recently discovered someone who does fit the "bill" — as in duck bill.


Drupal has made a name for itself as the go-to solution for .gov website projects that need to be cost-effective, secure and scaleable across dozens or hundreds of agency sites.


.GOV Websites Declare Independence from Proprietary CMS Solutions

Relying on proprietary CMS solutions in the government space would inevitably lead to disgruntled users who consistently remark on the clunky workflows, heavy reliance on technical staff to make changes and diminishing value as the platforms age and require more and more maintenance.


The Promet Source approach to managing remote teams involves balancing connectivity and flexibility. Here are some of our tips & hacks to make life easier when working with team members across great distances.


Managing a remote team isn’t remotely easy.

While many people get excited about the perceived freedoms of working at home (no dress code! building your own workspace! unfettered access to the couch!), there are significant challenges as well. The differences in geography and time zones, the reliance on virtual communication, the isolation of being the sole team member in a given city or region...life for the remote team member is not always a walk in the park.


Promet Source Support Developer Kabenla Armah shares his gameplan for DrupalCon LA in 2015. He came, he saw, he deftly avoided dairy products.


Normally I’m sitting at home in Iowa, rocking the boxer shorts on the couch. The Xbox controller is in arm’s reach. Or maybe I’m tearing up a single track course on my mountain bike. But this week, none of that. This week is different.

It’s DrupalCon, so you know I have to put away the games and pack up the power brick so I can join in the fun. I ran through this quick Q&A about my plan for DrupalCon with Promet's marketing team to help understand my goals for this year's big show.


This year's North American DrupalCon brought the community together in Los Angeles and brought everyone closer to the release of Drupal 8!


The Drupal community gathered in Tinseltown for the 2015 DrupalCon, and Promet Source was there to partake in the all the lights, camera and action.

Check out some of our photos from the event below!


Want to know more about what we were up to at this year's DrupalCon? Are you going to DrupalCon Barcelona later this year? Share your info with us below so you can hear about Promet's plan for the next spotlight event of the Drupal-verse.


So after posting my first attempt at melding AngularJS and Drupal, I decided to do a retrospective on some of the Angular aspects of my code, since my first post focused mainly on the refactoring aspects, most of which happened on the Drupal side. Let's start with the template file.


Let's start with the template file.