Drupal for Healthcare

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Scalable, Secure, Open Source


The depth and breadth of demands on healthcare organizations these days calls for solutions that can stand up to big challenges. 

Widely considered to be the most robust and flexible content management system, Drupal is often the CMS of choice for hospitals and health systems.


Here are the key reasons why we at Promet Source believe that Drupal is the optimal solution for Healthcare sites:

  • Drupal is Open Source. This contributes to a high degree of both cost efficiency and innovative capabilities from a worldwide community of engaged contributors.
  • Drupal is secure. Built on a platform fueled by the highest levels of security for the assurance of patient data protection and data integrity, Drupal sites also benefit from constant, community monitoring of potential security breaches.
  • Drupal sites are inherently scalable. Downtime is not an option for health care sites which need to accommodate unexpected surges in traffic, new features, and community health concerns as they emerge.
  • Drupal easily integrates with other solutions and services. Flexibility is an essential factor within a knowledge-based field that needs to accommodate multiple persona groups with a wide range of functionality.


At Promet Source, Drupal is in our DNA

With unsurpassed expertise and a passionate commitment the distinct needs of health care clients, we listen, we learn, and we pursue innovative solutions that draw upon the power of Drupal improve lives with patient-centric digital experiences. 

Whether you are looking to build a new website, migrate your current site to the latest version of Drupal, or establish a support partnership that ensures the integrity and security of your site 24/7, Promet Source offers the expertise, perspective, innovative energy, and attention to detail that will exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Let’s talk!  What you are looking to achieve? Together we can bring new possibilities to life!