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Case Study: OptionIt

About OptionIt

OptionIt allows consumers to reserve access to their favorite sporting events, trips, concerts and more at a great price while giving themselves the time they need to finalize their plans or make up your mind.

After purchasing an option, consumers are able to exercise their option and buy the underlying product or service, sell their option to someone else or simply let it expire.

This model provides consumers with a low-cost buying choice that incorporates both their interest in the product and their hectic schedules. Allowing them to "Reserve Now…Decide Later" gives them an unparalleled degree of flexibility and convenience.

About the Project

Promet Source worked with trusted design partner, Limina to complete this project. The goal of this joint effort was to identify site deficiencies relating to the uniqueness of the product offering and the brand’s image to better address the product and the overall  ‘look and feel’ of the website.


Conducted an expert evaluation of OptionIt.com assessing the ‘look and feel’, workflow, interaction, technical architecture, Drupal implementation and performance. 


Created an iterative roadmap that captured plans for adding features and functions, improving the site ‘look and  feel’ and performance, adding personalization and employing social media tools.

Requirements & Design

Provided OptionIt team with a set of user experience requirements and technical requirements,  workflows, wireframes, and a new online brand identity.


User requirements were translated into custom Drupal modules that would improve the site ‘look and feel’ while enabling an intuitive checkout process.


Restructured the information architecture and provided a fresh new ‘look and feel’ that closely aligned with the company’s brand image and voice. Implemented an elegant and clean UI that 
simplifies product selection and checkout processes.

Introduced a mobile friendly website.

Enforced usability and interaction design principles to bring to life the company’s brand image, consistently communicating it across all aspects of the website, product offering, and marketing material.

Built several custom and standard modules within the project’s tight time frame.

Provided Drupal theming, custom website design, marketing, ecommerce development, and back-end administration support.